There are many things to see and do, both at our finca and in the surrounding region. Get inspired & subscribe to our newsletter for more tips! Also check out our upcoming events.

swimming pool 

Our swimming pool is purified on a natural basis with salt. This guarantees swimming without prickly eyes and a coupe the chlorine! Besides that, salty water is also great for your skin. It can leave your skin feeling smoother and studies have shown that salt water can help with skin disorders like eczema, acne and psoriasis. Beside the ‘normal’ swimming pool, there is a huge water basin on our estate. Depending on the amount of rainfall during winter, this basin serves very well as a natural swimming pool for dogs. We have made special stairs so they can walk into the water and get out, without any hassle. 

honesty bar

Got thirsty after an entire day of exploring or tanning at the pool? Come and have a drink and bite at our Honesty Bar. It’s pink so you can’t miss it! There is a list for every family on which you can write down your drinks and snacks. During dinner nights, this is also where we gather for a drink before we sit down to eat. If you want to check your email or share your picture perfect holiday with the rest of the world, you can also do this here, because this is where the WiFI is at. 

yoga & retreats

If you are into yoga; look no further. Our finca is the perfect spot to practice! We have a very spacious terrace surrounded by mountains on which we offer yoga three times a week. It’s a great opportunity to let go of the stress you might have built up before you went on a holiday. Inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit. It’s not just for advanced yogis, yoga is for everyone and we encourage beginners to get their first experience in this beautiful place. The costs of a yoga lesson are 10 euro per person.

Besides yoga lessons, we also organize retreats on a regular basis. Check the dates of our upcoming retreats


During high season you are welcome to enjoy a freshly cooked vegetarian meal with us a few times a week. Read our blog and find out why we chose to cook exclusively vegetarian dishes. What to expect? A veggie burger with sweet potato fries, a Mexican taco and tortilla evening, or a wide range of tapas and refreshing sangria. One thing is for sure; you won’t go to bed hungry and you can easily roll into your safari tent with a full belly. If you stay at Casa El Caracol it’s our pleasure to give you a little push up on the mountain. 😉 

Last but not least: we offer a fresh Smi-Sma-Smoothie service! If you are interested, we’ll deliver a fresh smoothie on your doorstep every day; filled with fresh fruit and sometimes a little bit of veggies. A great way to trick your kiddos into eating vitamins. The first one is on the house for you to try. 

fitness & sports

Do you wanna get moving in between lifting mojitos and calamaris? You can go completely wild at our finca. Weights, a punching ball and some other fitness equipment are at your disposal for a killer workout. Don’t feel like fitness? Practice your summersault on the trampoline, or kick your vacay-buddy’s ass with a game of pingpong. Let’s go!  

hiking & biking

If you’re into hiking and biking, the surrounding area of our finca is a true walhalla. The famous mountain range La Carasquetta is right in our backyard. The highest top (Cima Carrasqueta) is about 1204 m above sea level. There are hiking routes you can start from there, and for the fanatic cyclist the climb to the top is absolutely worth it.

On our own estate we have also set out a three hiking routes of 1.5 hour (green), 2 hours (pink) and 2 hours (blue). The only thing you have to do is follow the dots!

horseback riding

Horse girls (and boys) also won’t want for anything. Why would you explore the area on a bike if you can also do this on a horseback? Gallop over the Spanish campo while you hold the manes of your Penny. That sounds pretty cool, right? They are well-cared-for private horses on which you can make a guided tour for 1 or 2 hours. If you don’t have a lot of experience yet, you can also just ‘get the feeling’ in the ring.

city trips

Do you feel like shopping, having lunch at a terrace or a café, checking out beautiful Moorish architecture, or just broadening your horizons a bit more? Make a city trip to Alicante (0.5 hour) or Valencia (1.5 hour).

Or visit Guadalest, a scenic mountain village with a great view on the lake and the lush valley. We also recommend that you visit the Algar waterfalls on your way back. Great news for real aquaphiles; you can also swim here! Also you should definitely pay a visit to the caves of Busot; a real gem. In addition, there are stunning hiking trails through the mountains near the caves. If you are hungry afterwards, you should definitely spoil yourself with the ‘cosina traditional’ at Restaurante Ca Tonno.

outdoor sport activities

Do you feel like exploring? The brothers from Migjorn Aventura will take you on an adventure! From paragliding and canyoning to jet skiing and surfing. Breath in new experiences and let go of your limits. Check their website for more info.


If you want to cool off you don’t have to leave our finca, but if you are in need of some vitamin sea you don’t need to drive for hours since the beach of El Campello is 20 minutes away. There is a great boulevard with many restaurants right on the beach. Especially in the evening there is a lot going on. Because we know, going to the beach is a very essential part of your holiday we made a blog with our 10 favorite beaches on the Costa Blanca. Try out a new beach every day!

No beach, but well worth mentioning. This place also offers you a nice swim and chill in the sun: El Salt. (15 minute drive from our finca) Nature was kind enough to make a beautiful 20-meter waterfall in the river de la Torre and let it flow into a clear blue ‘rock pool’. In the summer you can do cannon balls in the water and have picnic under the trees along the waterfront. A real treat!