Around Finca les Coves there is plenty to see and do, both on the premises and within the surroundings of Jijona. Check news&events for tips and inspiration

pool area


At our premises you will find a delightful pool with luxury sunbeds where you can enjoy a refreshing dive after your bike ride, or simply relax with a book. Besides the ‘normal’ pool, there is also a gigantic water base, located on our terrain. Depending on the rain in winter, this is a great nature pool for you and your dog. There are stairs so your furry friend can easily get in and out of the water.

honesty bar


Gone thirsty after a long day of cruising around the surroundings, or tanning at the poolside? Come enjoy a drink and bite at our pink bar. It is a so called ‘honesty bar’, which means there is a list where all guests write down what they consumed. You pay the bill by check out. During dinner nights we also meet at  this bar for an aperitive And we invite you for a nightcap at the fire pit afterwards, on nights ‘when we feel like it’.


At the pool and bar area we have WIFI, so you can check your mail or update your socials with some breath-taking pictures.



Eating and enjoyment go hand in hand at Finca les Coves. And even though your accommodation is equipped with all luxury for cooking, you something just don’t feel like it. Let us spoil you!


Appetizer platter: A delicious appetizer platter with local treats is served daily, starting from noon for a minimum of 2 persons.

Communal convivial style dinner: Together we enjoy a delightful diner of pure fresh dishes, set up at a beautifully laid long table, covered by sparkling lights. Come join and let yourself be astonished. 

Breadservice: You can make use of our bread service, that guarantees you daily of fresh bread at the moment that suits you best. 

cycling & hiking


If you enjoy cycling and hiking, the surroundings of our Finca offer a veritable paradise!


The Vuelta mountain range La Carasquette is positioned right in our backyard, with its peak (de Cima Carrasqueta) at 1204 meters high. Being a cyclist, you can go crazy here, enjoy the most pretty views, or go deep while reaching your training goals. Surrounding our grounds there is also a challenging MTB route available.   


At our terrain we outlined 3 different hiking routes for 1.5 hours (green) and 2 hours (blue). There is also a so-called monkey path specially prepared for the youngsters. Just follow the signs and dots that we placed in the surroundings and start exploring. We set up a nature search and bingo map to excite our little nature chasers and let them explore their inner sir David Attenborough.



Let your kids amaze themselves at our creative playground! Enjoy our inventive bike cross track in between nature, execute everlasting flips at our trampoline, or sell self-made ‘icecream’ in our wooden play store hut. Our playground was created and thoroughly tested by our own boys Charlie and Roger.

our own service course


Tinker on your bike at our own service course. A cozy space for you and your fellow bike palls equipped with all necessities to adjust your bike perfectly, so no excuse to not hit that KOM/QOM in the nearby neighbourhood. Or a place to simply enjoy your favourite bicycle podcast or magazine, while you enjoy a good cup of coffee or craft beer.

horseback riding


Why would you explore the surroundings by foot if you can also do this by horse. Galop along the Spanish campo with the most breathtaking views. Our neighbours own a couple of beautiful healthy private horses which you can take out for a 1 or 2 hour escorted horsehide. Or when not so experienced, go for a test ride at their riding school.

citytripping or the beauty of nature


Care for a refreshing drink, go shopping, enjoy beautiful architecture or simply widen your horizon? Go for a city trip to Alcoy or Alicante (both just a 30 minute drive away) or Valencia (1.5 hours). Or visit Guadalest; a beautiful historical village situated on a mountain peak, overlooking a clear blue artificial lake and green valleys. Take a plunge at the waterfalls of Algar or discover the caves of Busot, both surrounded by beautiful hiking trails. Or take a boat trip to the old pirate island of Tabarca.  




If you are looking for refreshment, you do not have to leave the premises, but if you care for a dose of vitamin sea, this is just around the corner. The beaches of El Campello and San Juan are only at 20 minutes distance. Both offer a nice boulevard with many restaurants right at the beach side. If you would like, you can try out a different beach every day.