At Finca Les Coves we value greatly what Mother Nature has created for us. A more sustainable earth starts with you, and we don’t stay behind. That’s why we cook exclusively vegetarian (optional vegan) for our guests.

Our restaurant is closed from November 1st until March 31st

Did you know, skipping beef for a day, saves as much water as not showering for a month? Bizar, right? And one meatless day a week has the same effect on the environment as using your car 1250 kilometer less? That means that each conscious choice you make has a great impact! Imagine what an impact the conscious choices of our company have. We serve  a three course dinner, three times a week, for 30 people! Do the math. All of us together we could make a huge difference and contribute to a more sustainable world. In our opinion that adds a great value to your holiday. You are not just recharging, but you are also kind off recharging the planet. That’s pretty effing awesome, right?

Tuesday & Friday

Tapas plate in the pool/bar area

Includes a glass of cava and a glass of sangria (22,50 euro per person) Available from 17.00h till 20.00h.


Three course dinner – price €32,-

The price includes a welcome aperitif (excluding drinks during dinner)

→ You can also make a reservation if you are not staying at our finca

Smoothie service

We have a fresh smoothie service in the morning. Meaning, if you wish, we bring a smoothie to your doorstep every morning around 9.00 hours. The best way to kickstart your day!

Price 4,50 per smoothie per person

For kids until 12 year we offer a kiddo menu for half the price. If you kid eats the same as the adults we charge the normal price.

Dinners start at 20:00 hours. Our international guests have different eating cultures, so we have to meet each other halfway. We all gather at the bar for a welcome drink.

Please let us know a day in advance, no later than 12:00 hours, if you want to use the smoothie service, join us for dinner or want to order the tapas plates by sending a Whatsapp to this number +34654 463729 or emailing to Please note, that if less than 4 adults apply, we unfortunately have to cancel the dinner or the lunch. In this case we will let you know well in advance.