Sustainable Eco Glamping Spain

Outdoor Glamping Hotel Finca Les Coves is situated in a stunning, eco paradise. Every day we are grateful to Mother Nature for all the splendor she creates; colorful wildflowers, an assortment of cacti, fruit and almond trees, beautiful singing birds, wild boars and foxes; you never get bored here! If you look closely at nature, you can discover something new every day. We have to cherish that! A more sustainable earth starts with you and we don’t stay behind. This is how we create a sustainable holiday destination:


solar energy & solar boilers

Our energy comes from solar panels and is therefore completely green. We are 100% self-sufficient and not connected to the network. Fortunately we do have a backup generator. So if we have a few cloudy days we can switch it on and we still have power for everyone. Besides that our newest accommodations are equipped with solar boilers as well. Every year we are leveling up when it comes to sustainability!


waste separation & reduction

We separate our waste and motivate you to do the same by placing separate trash bins in the accommodations. In addition, we give our leftovers as much as possible to the pigs and the things they do not like we use for compost.


septic tanks

We have organic septic tanks. Therefore you may not flush anything down that doesn’t come out of your body, not even toilet paper. It takes some time getting used to, but the result is that, in the end, the water from the septic tank can go directly into nature. In a dry area like ours that a big pro!


product from our own land

Hopefully we will soon pick the fruits of our own trees. The perfect way to provide you and your kids with a daily boost of vitamins. Crunchy almonds and juicy figs for your daily yoghurt, are literally there for the taking. And the vegetables used for our meals we try to take mainly from our own vegetable garden. Enjoy all that nature provides you! We try to limit food waste, and give the left overs to our pigs Pata & Negra


Discover the passion of local with fresh and authentic products, straight from local entrepreneurs. Taste the richness of the region in each taste, while we build a bridge between the community and your taste buds. At Finca les Coves, we are all about local treasures!