Finca les Coves

Boutique resort & eco-glamping
– for peace seekers & ‘troublemakers’ –




Enter a world where discovery, amazement, and carefreeness emerge, where hospitality is personal and where we make a memory out of each moment. At Finca les Coves we invite you to go explore together.

¿Would you like the ultimate camp experience but wìth a comfy bed and all luxury?

¿Would you like to go on an adventure with your kids or just relax by yourself with a fascinating book?

¿Would you like the peace and quiet of nature or would you like the vibrant ambience of a city?

¿Would you like to go hard on your bike aiming for that KOM/QOM title or chill with your friends at the poolside?

¿Would you like to enjoy a craft beer & pizza night or care more for a good glass of wine with a fancy dinner?

¿Would you like to lounge around the beach or actively hike the mountains?




At Finca les Coves you don’t have to choose, all you need to do is enjoy!

Our strategy is simple; we take you on an adventure, while we make sure you as our guest are pampered in any way possible. Behind our team there are 2 amazing little boys, that inspire us daily to get the best out of ourselves. We believe that magic is in the detail. And as enthusiastic cyclists we will go that extra mile to make sure every detail is perfect. As former event manager and engineer we strive to surprise, and make sure that all we do bubbles with energy.  


Boutique resort & eco-glamping Finca les Coves: for peaceseekers & ‘trouble’makers

a dream flight through
our paradise

¿What is it all about for us?



Let your curiosity run wild and explore the hidden treasures on our charming 70 hectares of nature terrain and the many sightseeing opportunities in the area.



At Finca les Coves we focus on capturing those magical moments of pure wonder. Reflect on that breath taking view after a challenging bike climb, enjoy the astonishment of a child when capturing an animal in nature, or simply enjoy the stars in the sky above you at night time.



We take your worries away, so you can fully focus on what is truly important; enjoying the moment. Together, or sometimes also just on your own. Enjoy a bike ride with your buddy, while we take care of the kids, enjoy a well-organized shared communal dinner after a relaxing beach day, or enjoy a nice cold craft beer with your friends after a challenging bike ride.



At Finca les Coves it’s all about you. We are devoted in creating a unique experience which is tailor made for you.

our finca

Finca Les Coves is an estate of 70 hectares unspoiled nature. Every day you wake up in a natural paradise. On this map you can see where things are located, but you are free to follow your instinct and explore the area and take your own path.

home types
& prices

You can select from a wide variety of accommodations, varying from a luxurious safari lodge, an authentic Spanish finca, a Scandinavian tiny house, or a true cave villa. Every accommodation has its own charm, but what they all have in common is that they are equipped with luxury and that you are presented with a breath taking view on the mountains every single day.  


From October 1st till May 31st the minimum length of stay is 2 nights

From June 1st till September 30th the minimum length of stay is 4 nights


about us

If you are staying in a huge hotel at the Costa Blanca, it may be of less importance who your host is. But if you choose a small-scale ‘glamping’ like Finca Les coves, you would probably like to know a little something about ‘the people behind’. Let us introduce ourselves!



Join us for a cozy dinner and let yourself be pampered, during our weekly organized convivial Mediterranean style communal dinner! On Wednesday & Saturday evenings, let yourself be enchanted by authentic shared dining dishes, surprising and pure. Enjoyment takes a central stage with us.


sustainable holiday

Finca Les Coves is situated in a stunning, natural paradise. If you look closely at nature, you can discover something new every day. We have to cherish that! A more sustainable earth starts with you and we don’t stay behind. Do you want to know what sustainable aspects our eco glamping has?


see & do

At Finca les Coves you can hide away from the world, òr enjoy the buzzing vibe of the city. Civilization is right around the corner! In about 30 minutes driving by car you reach the cities of Alicante and Alcoy and Valencia is only 1.5 hours away. And you get to the beaches of El Campello and San Juan in just 20 minutes. For your daily shopping’s the village of Jijona is a 10 minutes car drive. Visit the amazing waterfalls of Algar, the spheric caves of Busot or plan a boat trip to the old pirate island of Tabarca.





Cave Villa

Villa Les Coves; A cave villa with phenomenal view. This cave accommodation offers a mix of industrial and authentic look. Ideal for bigger families, a group of friends, our 2 couples.


Casa El Caracol

Casa el Caracol is a stand alone traditional Spanish cottage right in between nature. Its not just a holiday home,  it offers you the full experience. Also great for dog owners! 


Tiny Houses

Our Scandinavian A-frame cabins offer you a truly “into-the-wild” experience. Staying in one of these tiny houses will guarantee you a nature immersed holiday. 


Safari lodges

Our wooden safari lodges offer an amazing experience where you can be one with the breathtaking beauty of the Spanish mountains. Enjoy amazing panoramic, while you relax on your porch drinking a good glass of wine and reading a book. The mountains will surprise you with their changing colours and scenic beauty from sun up till sun down.


Beach houses

A touch of the Caribbean! Enter a world of sun-soaked beaches, bright colours, and the cosiness of tropical spheres. Our enchanted beach cottages, coved in Caribbean colours, and decorated with natural materials, offer the perfect getaway to paradise.

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Finca les Coves
Bugaia de Baix 2151
Apartado 33
03100 Jijona, Alicante

T: +31 643 83 24 39