vegetarian dinner jijona
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Vegetarian & vegan dishes in Jijona

At Finca Les Coves we value greatly what Mother Nature has created for us. A more sustainable earth starts with you, and we don’t stay behind. That’s why we aim to run our business in a greener way every year. We have already implemented quite a few sustainable aspects, but we have decided to add a new one this year. From this season on we are going to cook exclusively vegetarian & vegan (optional) dishes. 

vegetarian dinner jijona

Together we can have a positive impact on the world

Did you know, skipping beef for a day, saves as much water as not showering for a month? Bizar, right? And one meatless day a week has the same effect on the environment as using your car 1250 kilometer less? That means that each conscious choice you make has a great impact! Imagine what an impact the conscious choices of our company have. We serve  a three course dinner, three times a week, for 30 people! Do the math. All of us together we could make a huge difference and contribute to a more sustainable world. In our opinion that adds a great value to your holiday. You are not just recharging, but you are also kind off recharging the planet. That’s pretty effing awesome, right?

vegetarian dinner Jijona

No nibbling on salad leaves

If you are already a flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan you’ll probably be very pleased with the choice we made. If you’re fairly new to the concept of skipping meat from time to time, we might be able to introduce you to this in an accessible and above all delicious way. Some of you might know that Anna is a vegan, but Sander and Cees do appreciate a good piece of meat from time to time. So don’t be afraid you have to nibble on some dry salad leaves, we aim to surprise and satisfy even the greatest carnivores. We hope to inspire you with our delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes, so that you might start skipping meat more regularly when you are back home. Our mission would be even more successful, if we do not just lower the impact of our company on the environment, but could also contribute to new habits of our guests. #secretmasterplan

Do you dare to step out of your comfort zone and let Sander (our chef) surprise you with his vegan and vegetarian dishes?

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Vegetarian Food jijona

To what can you start looking forward?

vegetarian dinner Jijona