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Food shortlist: our favorite restaurants in the Alicante region

Today’s topic is FOOD. I think we can all agree that, besides soaking up enough sun, eating good food is a very essential part of a great holiday. That’s why we have made a list of our favorite restaurants in the Alicante region; the food shortlist. If you know a restaurant that should definitely be on this list, please let us know. But before we go into that, let’s focus on our own restaurant first.

Dinner at the finca
Three times a week, we cook a diner for our guests. On Monday, Wednesday and Saturday you can enjoy a 3-course menu.The menu will be announced in advance at the bar. The costs are 30 euros per person. For children aged 4-10 years there is also a children’s menu for 10 euros. Check out all the food options we offer.

restaurant finca les coves

Spanish eating culture
Before we are going to share our favorite restaurants with you, we’d like to share some info about the Spanish eating culture;

  • Lunch starts around 14.00 and before 20.00 you’ll have a hard time finding a place to have dinner. In Spain most people have dinner around 21.30.
  • Especially during the weekends, many Spanish people make reservations for lunch. So if you want to be secured of a table, it’s smart to follow their example.

FYI; this list is made in random order, because we are totally comparing apples and oranges 🙂

Our favorite restaurants in the Alicante region

In Bocca al Lupo, Alicante / Altea | Italian Restaurant

Restaurant in Bocca al Lupo

If you like Italian cuisine, this is a must-visit. But hey, who doesn’t like Italian cuisine? This restaurant in situated in a small street and has a very nice terrace (opposite an Italian ice salon, great combo!) In Bocca al Lupo is great year round, but especially during summer because you really feel the city buzz of Alicante. They also have a beautiful restaurant in Altea (with stunning views) and will open another location in Calpe soon.
I don’t which location I like better, but they are all worth a visit. On the menu you’ll find classics like vitello tonnato, but also a variation of bruschettas and a wide selection of pizzas and pastas. The best pizza? Well, the one with burrata, truffle and thinly sliced San Daniele ham. #notsovegan

Chico & Calla, Alicante | Traditional Spanish Tapas

If you want to go for good tapas, this is the place to go. It’s a small, very nicely decorated cosy place. Original tapas, freshly made tapas according to grandma’s recipes. This restaurant has an amazing atmosphere and if you are lucky you can enjoy your food while listening to life music. You have to be prepared to wait a little though, since this place is very popular and you can’t make a reservation.

Alma de Mar, Playa de San Juan | Sandwiches, tapas & cocktails

Compared to all the ‘practical’ furniture you’ll find on the Costa Blanca, Alma de Mar really stands out in the crowd with her tropical vibes. Besides that you’re a few steps away from the beach. Alma de Mar has a simple menu (sandwiches, tapas & cocktails), but it’s all very tasty. You can either go there for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Bodhi Green, Alicante | Vega(n) Restaurant

Some vega(n) restaurants have the tendency of becoming very informal, losing the “going out for dinner” vibe. Luckily Bodhi Green doesn’t. They really made an effort. The bar is a real eye catcher, with beautifully displayed bottles of wine. Also, they offer a very well priced daily menu. We would definitely dare to send carnivores to this restaurant, because Bodhi Green knows how it’s done!

Bodhi Green

Lluvia, Alicante | Vega(n) Restaurant

Lluvia is a small type bistro. Very cosy! The staff of the restaurant is very enthusiastic about their menu and explains everything passionately. This is another restaurant where you can introduce your meat eating friends to the vegetarian kitchen. Here you can enjoy vegetarian comfort food dishes like beetroot risotto with figs, samosas or vegetarian sushi. For the vegans amongst us there is also plenty to choose from. The restaurant is situated in a nice street of Alicante, right on the corner.

Restaurante LLuvia

La Espiga, El Campello | Italian Restaurant

We have added another Italian restaurant to this list, because pizza and sunshine equals holiday vibes. Right? It’s great to combine a day at the beach with a delicious dinner or lunch at La Espiga. You’ll be eating right at the beach and that makes the food taste even better. The pizzas they serve a nice and thin, so you won’t get into a food coma. The place is always full of locals, and that’s always a good sign.

la espiga el campello

Cala Clemence, Javea | Mediterranean beach club 

This restaurant is situated on a cliff in a beautiful bay in Javea. The beach has pebbles, but the water is crystal clear and you can rent beach beds so you can enjoy the sun comfortably. As soon as you get hungry, you can move your butt up to restaurant Cala Clemence. Especially for Costa Blanca standards, this beach club is very hip; Ibiza-style well executed. Rotan-everything and cacti all over the place give you an instant paradise feeling. And the crystal waters we were talking about, are right beneath you. The food is what you might expect of a restaurant like this; mediterranean with a modern twist. FYI; the website shows you mostly wedding opportunities, but most days it’s just a regular restaurant. If you want to be sure, check their socials for up to date info.

Cala Clemence

Can Sueño, Taberna | Haute Cuisine

If you are in for an all-day unforgettable experience, Can Sueño is your go-to. From Friday to Sunday you can go here for a haute-cuisine lunch (only with a reservation). Can Sueño has a fairytale garden and an amazing view. Just like our finca this place is situated in the middle of nowhere, but trust us, this makes the experience even more special. Every dish they serve is like a piece of art, made with love and often decorated with flowers from the garden. If you are a wine connoisseur, you won’t be disappointed either; for each course a wine is carefully selected to complement the flavours of the food. Never before were we emotionally touched if a chef talked about his/her creations, but Hennie & Rob talk so passionately about what they have prepared for their guests, it really touched us.

Xef Pirata, Altea | Spanish Tapas

First of all, Altea is on of our favorite places to visit. The old town has an authentic Spanish vibe with its small streets, white houses with bright color accents and orange trees all over the place. Altea is full of nice restaurants, but we are a big fan of Xef Pirata. This restaurant is small, but very cosy. On top of that, there are a few tables outside, so if you make your reservation in advance you might be secured of a spot on the terrace. Xef Pirata serves very original, modern style tapas. Not the standard calamaris and patatas bravas but surprising flavor combos. And last but not least; don’t forget to order a juicy cocktail, muy delicioso!

La Maison, Altea | French Cuisine

La Maison in Altea is chique le fromage! If you have something to celebrate or just crave a fancy night out, you’ll love this restaurant. The waiters go out of their way to make your dining experience something special. The terrace, with its overgrowing tree, is magical. This is exactly what you want on a warm summer night! The food is refined and beautifully presented in a romantic setting.

la maison altea

Le Cabanon, Villajoyjosa | Traditional Spanish food

Le Cabanon is situated right at the boulevard of Villajoyjosa. This town is one of our favorite places to visits and our previous guests were really fond of it as well. The fisherman’s houses you find here on the beach are painted in beautiful pastel shades. This gives Villajoyjosa a completely unique appearance. The reason that the houses have such a characteristic appearance, is that (back in the day) fishermen could easily see from the sea where they had to go. Le Cabanon is housed in one of these fishermen houses. It has a great terrace looking out on the beach. The food they serve is slightly different from the ‘standard’ Spanish beach food. But if you are craving calamaris and sangria, you won’t be disappointed. If there is no table available at Le Cabanon, there are many other restaurants at the boulevard of La Villajoyjosa (like Via Toscana), but this one is our favorite.