measures COVID19 for a carefree holiday

We can all agree that this Corona virus has caused a lot of commotion. But what doesn’t break you makes you stronger, so we prefer to think about solutions instead of problems!

move your vacation

First of all, if you have booked a holiday with us and you can’t come because of the Corona virus, we will gladly move it to a later time this year or next year, free of charge. This way we all still “win”.

more than enough space for social distance

Our finca is 80 hectares, which means that if you don’t want to see anyone, you don’t have to. We are not a massive hotel or camping where accommodations are huddled together; all accommodations have a lots of privacy, so 1.5 meter distance won’t be a problem at all. In addition to space around your own accommodation, there is more than enough space to move around. We have set out a number of hiking routes in and around our finca, and if you’d run into someone it would be special day, haha. That pretty much indicates how remote our finca is!


It goes without saying that hygiene is always of high importance to us, but during this period we pay extra attention to it. Firstly, we will ensure that gloves and hand gel are present in the accommodations. In addition, objects that you often touch with your hands will get cleaned extra well (such as light buttons and door handles).

yoga & sports equipment

We have an outdoor gym at our finca. Every day we make sure that the sports equipment is cleaned and that a disinfectant spray is present (just like in a real gym;)
In addition to the outdoor gym, we also provide yoga lessons at our finca several times a week. Fortunately, the terrace on which these lessons take place is large enough to guarantee a 1.5 meter distance. In addition, those who are interested in yoga will receive their own (cleaned) yoga mat at the beginning of their holiday so that you can be sure that it’s “safe”.