If you are staying in a huge hotel at the Costa Blanca, it may be of less importance who your host is. But if you choose a small-scale ‘casa rural’ like Finca Les coves, you would probably like to know a little something about ‘the people behind’. Let us introduce ourselves!

Patrick and Annelein
We are Patrick (from Antwerp) and Annelein (from Hoofddorp), a social couple who like to enjoy life. Good food, drinks and preferably with friends or family around us. Both always had a dream to emigrate to Spain. In the summer of 2021, this dream became reality for both of us, and we came to live in Spain. Anyone who has ever been to Spain will agree that the weather, the food and the Spanish friendliness and way of life are super nice.

Love for Hospitality
Patrick inherited the love for the hospitality industry at a young age. His father used to be a chef in several restaurants in Belgium. As a 13-year-old boy, Patrick went often to the restaurant to help his father in the restaurant. He then went to the PIVA school in Antwerp and then to the Hotel School. Cooking has been in his ‘blood’ from an early age. Annelein’s first job was in the hospitality industry and has been doing this for 2.5 years. Then go in a different direction. She has always worked in professions where social and helping/caring for people is central. This is something that we both value very much and what we enjoy doing the most: take care of people and giving them an unforgettable time here.

Finca Les Coves
Separately, we always have the dream to start a B&B. When Finca les Coves came our way, we did not hesitate for a moment. This is OUR dream. When we arrived here we immediately fell in love with this little paradise. We stood here and all we heard was the chirping of birds, a buzzing bee, and the rustling of the trees. A wonderful place to unwind. We now enjoy living at Finca les Coves, together with our dog Clooney and 3 pigs.

An intimate paradis

Well, now you know a little more about us. We can’t wait until we meet you! If you want to completely relax in a natural paradise with an intimate atmosphere, Finca les Coves is your ideal holiday destination. Being surrounded by nature and trees, to also be able to relax by the pool is the ideal way to celebrate your holiday. Enabling you to  spend more quality time with yourself and your family and tasty meals, so that you eventually go home recharged, rested and inspired.

Long story short; we are looking forward to meeting you and making sure you have an unforgettable holiday!

Hasta pronto guapos!