If you are staying in a huge hotel at the Costa Blanca, it may be of less importance who your host is. But if you choose a small-scale ‘casa rural’ like Finca Les coves, you would probably like to know a little something about ‘the people behind’. Let us introduce ourselves!

Celebrating life
Our friends would probably describe us as a couple that sucks the marrow out of life. Bon vivants in the purest sense of the word. That’s also how we met, celebrating life in Rotterdam’s nightlife, our former living place. Always surrounded by a group of friends for whom we gladly organized (dinner)parties. The more the merrier, because happiness is doubled when shared!

A shared past in hospitality
Our shared past in the hospitality industry probably won’t surprise you. Anna studied at the Hotelschool The Hague for a while and during her studies she always worked in restaurants with great pleasure. However, at some point she swapped slinging beers and crowded terraces for a career in online marketing.

When Cees got his first job in the hospitality industry, he never expected to stick around for so long, but it grew on him! As soon as the art of creating the perfect beer head was a second nature for him, he began to gather knowledge about fancy wines and learned to make gin&tonics in endless varieties and tastes. Life was good… Yet something was missing. It lacked sparkle!

The three musketeers 
When we got married September 2017 in the French countryside of the Ardèche (at the bnb of Cees’ mother), we suddenly knew it: a life like this would fit us like a glove. This was also the time we partnered up with our friend Sander for the first time. He came with us all the way to France to cater our wedding. It was during those weeks we talked jokingly about the three of us running a bnb together.

Sander has been a chef for years and ran his own catering company. We always proudly called him the Gordon Ramsay of Rotterdam, because he is a magician when comes to re-organizing kitchens. Besides that, Sander is born with two right hands. Things Sander does for fun? Transforming an old couch that someone left for garbage into new outdoor furniture. Someone else might read a book in the sun, Sander creates new things out of nothing. 

Moving together with the entire zoo
None of us would have thought that we’d get the chance to turn our fantasy into reality so soon… When Finca Les Coves crossed our path it was love at first sight; sparkles, butterflies, pink clouds, the whole shebang. We didn’t doubt for long and left with the entire zoo (two cats and dog) to Jijona. Pretty terrifying, but mostly rather awesome! In running this little paradise we found all the things we love whilst sharing the things we are good at. Cees and Anna ran the first season together and as soon as the new accommodations were build, Sander made his move to Spain as well. Nowadays our family consists of four humans, five dogs, two pigs and one cat. 

Rested – Inspired – Recharged
Well, now you know a little more about us. We can’t wait until we meet you! If you want to disconnect in natural paradise with a warm personal ambiance, Finca Les Coves is your go to. Being surrounded by nature and animals has brought us so much personally. It’s our aim, to share this experience through Finca Les Coves with as many other people. Enabling you to spend some quality time with yourself and your family, so that you go home rested, inspired and recharged. 

Long story short; We’ll make sure you get an unforgettable holiday! If you have any questions about us or the finca, send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

Hasta pronto guapos!