Our family of 4

or 5, if you count dog Lola in ; )


Let yourself be immersed in our world… a place for peace seekers & ‘trouble’makers!


We are Didier and Lara, an adventurous couple and the caring parents of our boys Charlie and Roger. We share a deep passion for two remarkable differences: actively cycling and culinary delight. As true cycle enthusiasts you will find us at our road cycle or MTB, where we discover beautiful landscapes and push boundaries. Cycling is not only a way of keeping fit, but also our way to discover the world and spend quality-time together. This passion goes hand in hand with our love for good food and drinks. Experimenting with delicious pure dishes, sitting around the table with a good glass of wine and engaging stories, preferably surrounded by family and friends.  


We love adventure and preferably take that unknown alley when others follow the crowd, intensely enjoying our family with 2 young boys.


As former event manager & marketeer Lara aims for perfectionating every single detail, because she believes that every moment counts. An activity should become an experience covered with surprise, excitement and numerous happy moments. As former engineer it is Didier’s habit to see solutions instead of problems. He can, like no other, let you experience the story behind what we see, with true passion. As cycle enthusiasts we know how important precision is, and we put that same commitment in everything we organize at our Finca.


Let us pamper you and create long lasting memories.