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(Fulfilled) Job opening: marketing & hospitality assistent

 Do you want to live and work in a beautiful natural paradise in the mountains? Are you looking for a dynamic and sociable job? Do you have a passion for sustainability and a great love for animals? Cees and I are looking for a marketing & hospitality assistent who can support us on a daily basis, and eventually take responsibility for operational matters when we are not present at the finca.

These are the skills we are looking for in such an assistant:

  • A proactive attitude
  • Not afraid to take ownership and responsibility 
  • Social & good communication skills 
  • Have an eye for detail
  • Flexible and able to improvise 
  • Punctual & structured
  • Project management skills
  • Preferably a background in hospitality and/or marketing
  • Mastering the English and Spanish language (Dutch would be a pre)
  • Drivers license 

You tasks would be:

  • Coordination volunteers: Year round we have volunteers who help us with operational activities like cleaning, working in the garden, children activities, the restaurant, delivering smoothies etc. We need you to be their point of contact, show them around when they arrive and make their weekly schedules. Besides that you have to make sure everything is present and in stock for them to do their job. (cleaning materials, gardening tools etc) At some point you would also help Anna with selecting the volunteers upfront. If necessary you are also expected to help the volunteers with their tasks. Example; if we have four check-ins on the same day, the volunteers probably need an extra hand cleaning. Also, we want you to do the final check after the volunteers are finished cleaning and give them feedback on the things they’ve might missed. Are things missing or broken in the accommodation? We expect you to communicate that with us so we can replace it. 
  • Reception: We need you to help us with the check-ins on a busy day or when we are not at the finca. Besides that we want you to answer our phone and our Whatsapp messages. We are daily available from 11.00 till 14.00. If there are questions you can’t answer, you can always discuss these with us. 
  • Restaurant: We have a restaurant where we serve meals a few times a week. We ourselves cook twice a week, and on the other days another chef prepares the meals. On the days our restaurant is open, we also do the hosting and serving. We want you to be the host and/or serve one one of these evenings as well. 
  • Newsletter & blog: Depending on your marketing background we would like you to send out a newsletter and write blogs for the website on a regular basis. This would be according to a content calendar that you would make together with Anna. Anna will also do the final check before the newsletter gets sent or the blog goes online. 

What can we offer you? 

  • A position from April 1st 2021 till December 31st 
  • 32 work hours a week (days off are flexible depending on the season and the arrival of guests)
  • Salary: Room & board 7 days a week (meaning a private apartment + all meals are included) + free use of serval facilities (like swimming pool, yoga classes, car at your disposal) + 600 euro net per month


There is an apartment available for you on the second floor of our house. Our apartment is on the first floor. Your apartment has two bedrooms, a living room and private bathroom. In consultation you are also allowed to invite people to stay over for a few days. The ground floor of our house is shared. It might be important to know that you don’t have a private entrance to your apartment. You will be sharing the stairs with us.


We will provide all your meals. You can let us know what your food preferences are, and we will put it on our grocery list. We eat mostly vegetarian but it’s not a problem if you want to eat fish or meat.
Your apartment has a fridge and basic stove. We expect you to prepare your breakfast and lunch in your own apartment. Of course you can eat it wherever you want, but this way everyone has enough (personal) space. During high season we will have dinner together as a team (you, me, Cees and the volunteers), 4 to 5 times a week. We have a schedule with cooking turns, so everyone cooks one time a week for the whole team. On the two other days you can use your own kitchen or ours to make your own meal.


  • On your days or hours off you are free to use all the facilities of the finca like the swimming pool. 
  • Free participation of yoga classes on our finca 
  • Free use of our car (ex gasoline) 
  • Free use of internet 

The three of us will be working in a close partnership. That’s why we think it’s important for all of us to have a month of probation. After that we can evaluate if we click and strengthen each other as a team.  

Our glamping is a fast growing company. Being on board with us from now on might offer you great possibilities in the future. So if both parties still like working together after the first year, we could definitely discuss possibilities for the future. 

Do you get instant butterflies in your stomach reading this? Are you in need for a big, positive change in your life? Send an email to info@fincalescoves.com introducing yourself and your motives. Please don’t send a super formal application letter, that makes our toes curl (and not in a good way). Be yourself! 🙂