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7 Day holistic yoga retreat in Spain (near Alicante)

Are you in need of some you-time, but do you want something other than a ‘standard’ holiday? Our 7 day holistic yoga retreat offers you a truly meaningful experience. 

September 28 – October 5 (arrival September 27 in the afternoon/evening)

Jijona, Spain (30 minutes from Alicante)

ROOTREAT; Reconnect with yourself and nature
It’s fair to say that us people, living in the Western world, kind of have lost our true connection with nature. That while we are part of it, but we tend to forget that sometimes. Fortunately more and more people are waking up and looking for ways to reconnect and take better care of our planet. That’s where our ROOTREAT comes in. Through yoga, meditation, personal energetic sessions, workshops, a moon ceremony, delicious vegan meals, hikes through nature, our animals and of course loads of you-time, we help you to reconnect with your true self and mother nature.

Spiritually in balance
Being spiritually in balance doesn’t mean you live a boring life. You can party hard till the sun comes up, very consciously. You can bury your face in a pizza or bag of m&m’s, very consciously. And you can binge watch an entire season of your fav Netflix serie, very very consciously. Sometimes there might be different things that you crave though. Like making a barefoot walk in the forest and have a meditation, or go to the morning class at your yoga studio, read a book about personal growth, or disconnect from the city during a holiday or retreat. Being spiritually in balance means you listen closely to your body and soul to determine its needs. Whatever that may be.

Our ROOTREAT is especially for the ones that wouldn’t call themselves spiritual (yet), or the ones that have no idea where the F their balance lays. Our crew aims to be as down to earth as we are spiritual. We want to help you reconnect with your true self, so you can really feel what your body & soul need to get nurtured. In order to do that, it helps to take a break, come to a halt. No noise, no temptations, no comparing to others, no obligations. Just you. What do you really need? ♥️

Check Finca Les Coves on Instagram, to paint a more detailed picture of this little paradise.

What makes this retreat one of a kind?

  • Our retreat is not ‘just’ a holiday. We aim to offer a very very complete package so you will go home a truly meaningful experience richer.

  • A lot of personal attention from our coaches and hosts. You’ll get two one-on-one sessions with our holistic therapist Marije. On top of that, Kiri will make you a Personal Moonbook about which you can ask questions during the retreat. Our previous participants perceived this a very meaningful component of our retreat.

  • You’ll sleep in stylish glamping accommodations, like a cave villa, a safaritent, a Scandinavian cabin or a authentic Spanish cottage. Which al have priceless mountain views!

  • Finca Les Coves is all about the details. That’s something we follow through on when it comes to our accommodations, table settings, food, etc. You will see!

  • You’ll get unlimited cuddles and unconditional love from our dogs and piggies.

‘Into the nature I go, to lose my mind and find my soul’

This retreat is for you, if…

  • If you are not necessarily a tree hugging kind of person, but are open to new experiences and unexpected point of views
  • If you want to experience a more ‘slow’ way of living
  • If you are looking for a deeper connection with yourself (and thus with nature)
  • If you want to meet like minded people
  • If you are an advanced or beginning yogi (we encourage beginners to join!)
  • If you want to recharge before summer/winter starts

Example of a day’s program

    • 8.15 Smoothie
    • 8.30 Vinyasa Yoga Class
    • 9.45 Vegan Breakfast Buffet
    • 10.30 – 13.30 Free time and/or personal energetic session or tarot card reading
    • 13.30 – 14.30 Vegan Lunch
    • 15.00 – 16.30 Ayurveda Workshop
    • 16.30 – 19.00 Free time to chill & write in your journal
    • 19.00 – 20.30 Vegan Dinner
    • 20.30 – 21.30 Yin Yoga

Included in the price

  • Glamping accommodation
  • 2 yoga sessions a day
  • 1,5 hour personal energetic session (including a document with tips & tricks + gemstone)
  • 1,5 hour personal tarot card reading
  • 1 hour full body massage
  • Vegan breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Moon ceremony
  • Ayurveda Workshop
  • Personal Moon Book
  • “Writing from the heart” Workshop
  • 2 Hikes combined with meditation
  • Gifts; sustainable notebook, pendant with gemstone personally selected for you, homemade body scrub
  • Use of yoga mats & towels
  • Free transfer from and to the airport

Not included in the price

  • Flight ticket (recommended airport Alicante)

Price & Reservation
The price for this all-inclusive luxury retreat is 1950 euro per person. You’ll sleep in a private room in our cave villa, scandinavian cabin, authentic Spanish cottage or a safari tent. Whatever appeals to you the most! If you prefer, you can pay the price for the retreat in three terms. The two first ones are through a bank transfer, and the last one is cash upon arrival.

*The safari tent can only be booked by two friends coming together.

Ready to make a reservation?
For each retreat we have room for 10 people in total. If you want to be assured of a spot, don’t wait for too long to make a reservation. For bookings send an email to info@fincalescoves.com. Specify your dates (autumn or spring) and preferred accommodation on your booking and it will be assigned in order of reservation.