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Adults Only Destination vs. Kids Friendly Holiday

Finca Les Coves is a paradise for all ages. It’s the perfect place for kids to make big splashes in the pool, jump on the trampoline and play endless pots of ping pong. On the other hand is our finca the perfect hideaway for adults to relax and unwind after a hectic period in the ‘grown up world’. That’s why we  decided on our ‘Adults Only Destination vs. Kids Friendly Holiday Paradise’ – approach. In this way we hope to meet everyone’s expectations of a dream holiday.

Adults only vs kids friendly; What does that mean?

In order to facilitate both times of tranquility and liveliness at our finca we distinguish the following periods.

  • During spring holidays and summer holidays (i.e. the 20th of April until the 5th of May and the whole month of July and August) our finca is a kiddo paradise. 
  • Outside high season our focus is more on peace & quiet and that’s why our finca is Adults Only during this period.

Kids Friendly Holiday Paradise

We have noticed that kids don’t need a lot to entertain themselves when they are surrounded by nature. Playing with our dogs, picking almonds and making endless splashes in the pool, almost seems enough for the little ones to have a terrific day. Although, we as adults try to make a bit more of an effort when it’s kiddo season to make sure your kids have an unforgettable holiday. We organize sport activities like a football tournament, or a dropping in the woods, make a bonfire so marshmallows can be roasted and adjust our menus to the tastebuds of the little ones. Also we have an occasional Smoothie Assistant, who helps us prepare and deliver the smoothies in the morning. A very important responsibility 😉 And last but not least; we are working on setting out a children’s ‘hike route‘ which they can do by themselves. It’s in our backyard, so you can keep an eye on them, while they are on adventure, and you might be able to finish your book. Win-win!

Dinner nights

We cook several nights a week for our guests, and like we already mentioned, we also offer a kids menu. But the dinner nights are not just great because of someone else cooking for you, but also because they are a great possibility for the kids to get to know each other. Meanwhile the parents can have a glass of wine and have grown-up conversations. And when it’s bedtime and the kids are tugged in, the parents can easily sneak out to have a little nightcap at the bar. Another win-win!

Adults Only Holiday Destination

If you don’t have kids (or they already left the house) you might not enjoy their splashes in the pool as much as they do 😉 Or maybe you do have kids, but are in desperate need of some romantic quality time with your significant other. No shame in that! Or maybe it’s been forever since you and the girls/boys have been away for a trip. Why not visit our finca during low season? May, June, September and October are great months to visit Spain, and still enjoy that ‘summer feel’. You are (probably) not bound to school holidays, so way more flexible.

adults only holiday

That has a few advantages;

  • Flights are cheaper
  • Temperatures are a bit more pleasant
  • The Costa Blanca (beaches) are not as crowded

Check our availabilty now!

Imagine yourself sipping a mojito while floating on a pizza slice, making a hike or go horseback riding in the beautiful surroundings while chatting with your bestie, waking up with a powerful workout and get to know other guests during our dinner nights (it wouldn’t be the first time that people ended up dancing on the tables, just saying 😉 Also city- and beach life are right around the corner. So if you feel like dressing up and going out for dinner and drinks, no problem!

Also; we organize our first Wine & Yoga retreat next year! (May 30th – June 3rd 2019) Why wine and yoga? Simple, because it relaxes the hell out of a person.

We can’t wait to meet you guys!

Long story short; it doesn’t matter what the date of birth in your pasport says, everyone is welcome to enjoy an unforgettable holiday at our finca. 

adults only holiday

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